Why I’m Running

A strong core belief in creating and preserving social justice drives my actions and reactions. After practicing law for nearly 35 years, I want to take these beliefs to a higher level by giving back to my community by serving as a judge from the 9th Judicial Subcircuit. I will bring to the bench a blend of interpersonal skills and knowledge that will hopefully assist a litigant’s experience and promote equality in our system.

I have had the unique opportunity of viewing issues from several perspectives: counseling those in crisis during my years as a social worker, representing the accused in criminal courts, and representing individuals embroiled in family law matters. These experiences give me invaluable insights into how various social systems impact the people in our courts.

I have seen firsthand why social justice is so important. As a judge I will use this awareness to create and preserve social justice in our community.

Meet Julie Aimen

As a judge running in the 9th Judicial Subcircuit, Julie B. Aimen will bring to the position her deep belief in social justice. It’s a conviction she’s consistently demonstrated during her 35-year career as a respected lawyer and before that as a social worker dedicated to those in crisis. Julie has always remained active in local issues that make a difference.

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